Another Mans Treasure


The lighter nights and warmer weather has quite an affect on us. We celebrate our re-introduction to the outdoors season by getting the BBQ out, wiping down the patio furniture, don our sunnies and grab the pimms. Once that first glow of the sunshine has left us, then our attention often turns to our homes and gardens.

The Spring clean is often the first major attack on our comfy spaces that sees much of our clutter taken to the local waste and recycling centre or thrown in a Skip. Much of this ‘stuff’ is disposed off due to its age or its ‘tatty’ state or the fact that it is unused or broken.

However it is our rubbish that can often camouflage the most surprising and often valuable of items. The most recent story in the news was of a woman who discarded a rare £130,000  Apple computer at her local recycling centre. Our teams are often coming across valuable items that have been discarded in skips.

Items such as war memorabilia including uniforms, medals and out of service weapons. Old technology and computer equipment. Model cars and trains which are all fantastic fodder for collectors! Ebay and Gumtree are crying out for your ‘junk‘.

Second hand clothes are so badly sought too. Local charity shops would love to take in your old clothes, some of which has possibly not been worn more than once or twice or at all in some cases!

Furniture has some endless reuse value. Do you know a friend or family member who is moving into a new home who could use your discarded furniture? Wooden chairs and tables are a favourite of some looking to breathe life back into worn wooden furnishings. You may be surprised at how easy is it to do too! A quick lick will add no-end to the sale value.

In essence, there so much value in the things we throw away when decluttering our most precious living spaces. Give some thought to your rubbish before hiring a skip or making a run to the local recycle centre. You may make someones day!


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